Our greenhouses’ comes in 2 sizes: 8m x 24m and 8m x48m and the cost for each are: N1.750M and N3.250M respectively.

The greenhouses are supplied as a complete kit, which includes: the greenhouse structure, drip irrigation, high quality hybrid seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals, and Insurance cover on the structure for 1 year, a trained agronomist for 10 months if you purchase more than 5units, etc.

Dizengoff Greenhouse has a short payback period, which makes it investors preferred option, with a huge yield of 4tones and 8tones for the 8m x 24 and 8m x 48m greenhouses.

The greenhouse is a controlled environment that allows all year round farming.

Contact any member of the team for enquires on our greenhouses.  

Friday Ali 

South West Region

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  Camy Iroba

Sales Manager - Northern Region  

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John Luka

Sales Manager - Northern Region

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Emmanuel Chukwuemeka

Sales Manager - Eastern Region  

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