Best Foods Fresh Farms Ltd partners with Apel Capital & Trust Ltd and Dizengoff Nigeria to establish an investment fund for modern greenhouse farming

Best Foods Fresh Farms Ltd has gone into partnership with Apel Capital and Dizengoff Nigeria for the establishment of an investment fund for modern greenhouse farming for investors in Lagos.

As part of the this project, Dizengoff delivers to Best Foods Farms Ltd 10 units of greenhouses to setup a demo / model farm at Igbodu in Epe where Best Foods Farms already have a farm.

Apel Capital will act as trustee for this investment fund. Fund is targeting to achieve 35 % return for investors who are investing into this fund. The minimum investment required is N500.000.

Dizengoff is the technical partner for this project. Hence, it will provide technical support on the project from: installation, training to cultivation etc. Dizengoff will also provide trained agronomists to the farm and to greenhouses bought by the investment fund. Dizengoff will provide full technical support for this project.

The CEO of Best Foods Fresh Farms, Mr. Emmanuel Ijewere highlighted the fact that the farm will be established through investor’s funds. “The scheme which will be managed by a trustee (Apel Capital), is expected to bring a group of investors’ funds together with the aim of investing in the agricultural sector to generate more profits”.

Mr. Ijewere further explained “our main purpose of establishing the modern greenhouse farm, is to create a profitable state-of-the-art functional structure in the center of the West African commercial capital, by providing simple innovative and effective farming methods to produce and supply high quality, fresh produce not just to our outlets, but to the broader market of Lagos Metropolis”.

“Apel Capital and Trust Ltd will act as Trustees of the Fund for the Project. Therefore your investment will go into operating greenhouses and open field cultivation of short term horticultural produce for both the Lagos market and environs” says Mr. Ijewere.

In his response, the CEO/Country Manager for Dizengoff Nigeria, Mr. Antti Ritvonen “as the technical partner on this project, Dizengoff will focus on its area competency, which is to ensure bountiful production all year round, thereby giving investors value for their investment.

Mr. Ritvonen also says “We believe it is not enough to provide products alone, through our combine technical know-how, with do-how and quality inputs, we will performed consistently, day in and day out”.

The partnership has different parties, all of whom are saddled with different responsibilities: Best Foods Fresh Farm Limited – will play the role of the Fund Manager, while Apel Capital & Trust Limited – will serve as the Trustee and Dizengoff Nigeria will operate as the Technical Partner in terms of production.

Dizengoff Farmers kit, otherwise known as the Dizengoff Greenhouse technology/concept is aimed at providing farmers with an all year round technique to produce and increase the yields of greenhouse crops such as tomatoes, pepper, cucumber and sweet-melon as well as provide steady incomes for the farmers. It also involves transfer of knowledge to the farmers to improve the quality of their produce, reduce field losses and ensure higher profits.

Investment opportunity

Interested parties who want to join this agriculture investment scheme, should please contact Mr. Emmanuel Ijewere, CEO Best Foods Farms Ltd. On +234 8037918589 or email